February 2016

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First day back was fine. Didn’t see that many from the previous year, but this was an elective that may not have been that popular, which was Insolvency Law.

The lecturer, not the most electrifying lecturer that we’ve ever had, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

One of the class [that we know of] needs to re-sit Criminal Law. I can commiserate with that, it was a hideous exam last year. I was very relieved to have passed it myself.

Assignments are coming on thick and fast, a very interesting on is in Legal Ethics, which concerns itself with morality, specifically, Aristotlian, Kantian and Benthamite.


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First day back of the fourth and final year.

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GOOG trade a winner. Returns 74%. Nice.

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One of my employment cases is concurrently running as a criminal case.

I am helping the Barrister who is running the criminal case with drafting various documents: affidavit and memorandum for discharge without conviction.

Obviously I’m not drafting these documents without any guidance, the stakes are too high for that, although the charges are at a lower level.

But by undertaking the drafting, costs are kept lower. At $500/hr, you want to try and keep time consuming, but relatively routine paperwork to a minimum….enter the law student.

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After yesterday’s monster rally and today’s strength, the short position while still in the money is definitely looking vulnerable.

To work, it needs to have a weaker day today.



Closed out the position and reversed with a Long position in GOOG.

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Short SPY trade still working nicely.

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Donald Trump won again. By a lot — again.

As soon as the Republican presidential caucuses closed in Nevada on Tuesday evening, almost every major news outlet projected a Trump victory, his third of the four nominating contests thus far.

Though candidates like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have attempted to carve out voting “lanes” in the Republican presidential primary, entrance and exit polling Tuesday night showed Trump winning by massive margins among almost every major demographic within the Republican electorate.

The surveys delivered a clear theme: Trump’s dominance of every major category of voter.

He won across the board with Republican primary voters, easily winning young and old voters, voters of both sexes, and both voters who identified as moderate as well as those who identified as conservative.

The Trump bandwagon keeps on rolling.

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