Flippe-floppe’s oscillator. Like any oscillator, the deeper pullbacks are [i] more reliable in a bull market and [ii] are more profitable, assuming you sell at some point, to re-enter.


Wage inflation starting to rise. Notice the correlation to interest rates.



To 3D print vascular networks, the researchers fabricated fine, interconnected fibers with an advanced bioprinter. Then they coated those fibers with human endothelial cells — these sit between circulating blood and vessel walls in the interior of blood vessels — and subsequently applied a protein-based material. They hardened the whole structure with light, then delicately removed the fibers, leaving behind an complex network of hollow cell material. After a week, those cells organized themselves into stable capillaries.

Cells inside the bioprinted vascular networks survived, differentiated, and proliferated at better rates than cells that received no nutrient supply, the study found.

“Imagine being able to walk into a hospital and have a full organ printed — or bio-printed, as we call it — with all the cells, proteins, and blood vessels in the right place, simply by pushing the ‘print’ button on your computer screen,” said Bertassoni.


I hold DDD from almost the exact bottom of the NASDAQ meltdown. I must confess that I was unaware of the bio-printing. If this is successful, then these stocks could go much higher.

One for Mr flippe-floppe.


Fly Buy: $CHK, $BID, $OZM, $GILD
Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:31pm 3
As part of a long term portfolio, I bought CHK, BID, OZM and GILD. The timing of the purchases are immaterial to me, as I intend to hold them for at least 5 year


I had a quick squizzy at his selections. This stock would make me nervous buying it on this chart structure. I’ll keep an eye on this one. Five years….hmmmm.


Fly Buy: $AEGR
Fri Jun 6, 2014 11:00am
Biotech stock down huge, but CEO is buying large blocks of stock–regularly.

I started a position in this today.

I prefer [don’t hold] ISIS. Better pipeline, partners. Also down big.


I remember back in 2000 how I just watched my assets shrink on a daily basis, stuck in disbelief as an unrelenting market did permanent damage to me. It would take me more than 3 years to rebuild my business and I never forgot those lessons, until about 8 weeks ago.

I sold almost everything today and now sit with 90% cash. Whether the market rallies from here, or if I marked the bottom in stocks, that is immaterial to me. This is a mountainous fuck up on my behalf and it will take me a long, long time to not only recover from this, but regain the confidence to make it back. As the saying goes, “scared money makes no money.”

My year to date losses were stopped out at about -32%, that’s another -13% for this week alone. Clearly, the beta was too high. It’s obvious that I should have sold long ago. Yes, I should have done a million things differently. I’ve managed around each and every market crises almost without flaw, until now. We all have our comeuppance, at some time or another. Today I got mines.

Volatility. Either a curse or a blessing.


As far as my positions are concerned: FEYE is in such a depression. It’s hard to believe this is the same stock touted by a certain analyst as a “once in a decade opportunity.” The street could not get enough of its shares; now no one wants them. Singular indeed.

I sold half of my WDAY position, for a loss, and have begun allocating into YELP.

I was flat for the day, -22.5% for the year.

I am down 28.3% in FEYE, -10.44% in YELP (after today’s adds) and -16.4% in SPLK. I expect to eliminate the entirety of my WDAY position over the next two weeks. It’s down 18% from my basis.

Ideally, YELP sprints higher, I sell my lower basis shares and swap into SPLK, then with the profits from SPLK, load up on FEYE for the grande finale. If I can pull this off, it will be one of my greatest turn arounds ever.

Well I added some FEYE.


Looking to buy flippe-floppe’s liquidation.

Just in case you’re wondering why I want to sell one of them, quite frankly, you’re retarded. I don’t like being in the position that I am in. My basis on these 4 stocks are all very high and, realistically, if I do not put some real money behind 2 of them, I am going to be holding them for a long, long time.

As humans, we tend to avoid pain and most normal people avoid conflict (with marked exception to the lunatics in my comments section). So I expected FEYE would be tossed into the volcano. Quite frankly, I chose FEYE too, as it is my largest position and is the main source of loss for me, over the past 6 weeks. The size of my FEYE position is almost twice as large as the other three. Selling it will certainly leave a scar, but allow me to raise a lot of cash to be put to work smartly.

So FEYE it is.


I particularly like the technical divergence.


flippe-floppe is having a retched time of it currently.

The majority of my holdings are in 4 stocks: WDAY, FEYE, SPLK and YELP. I bought them because they were growing their revenues (LOL) and were winners, led by fantastic management teams. All of that means absolutely nothing today, as this basket of hell, death and aids netted me losses in excess of 10% (that’s right, 10%…for the day). I am beyond words. This is more than what I signed up for and ponder to myself the very meaning of life.

As a general rule, I sell after 10% losses. This time around, I rode these stocks straight down the toilet bowl and now swim with them in the raw sewage, with the rats and alligators.

Which we know to be untrue. Think MaVIS and any other collection of stocks that declined 50%, 80% etc. The difference this time is that he’s been caught with a concentrated number of stocks and they have all crashed.

An example


I am going to make this short and to the point, since the majority of my recent blogs have been long winded, bloated, crap pieces.

1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2014.

Which one of those doesn’t belong?

Each and every big market pullback was based around a reason, whether it be a stupid reason or a real one like in 2008. But at least there was a reason for the collapse, whether it be LTCM liquidation, Asian Contagion, Dot com bust, 9/11, Credit Crisis, Euro Scare etc.

Is that a true analysis? This market has been fueled on a sea of QE money since early 2009. That money has been reduced, and with Yellen, likely to be reduced further.

In artificial markets you get artificial effects, good and bad. Currently poster stocks [former], are on the end of an exaggerated pullback. As flippe-floppe intimates…it ends when it ends.



My main man


By The Fly – Mon Jul 1, 2013 12:29pm
I leveraged by 20%, buying up shares of AMBA and SHLD. I am now 120% long, into the polestar of this rally.

Obviously, I do not think the rally is done, because it is a ‘good’ one, in the traditional sense. Small fries like Fly jr and other underlings on this site have been readily dispatched to fag boxes and thrust into the oblivion, amidst empty space, black–nothing.

As I type, the market has traded through some moving averages, but, not through, and then a re-test, and finally higher, which is the pattern that I would look for before ‘leveraging’ the account.

While I agree that on the surface nothing has changed, underneath, to story is different. Before sounding the all clear, I would want some confirmation.

The difficulty is, if you missed the rally, and you have been waiting to get in, this dip is an attractive one to buy, assuming the dip-is-done.


This chart does not look like lower yields. That of course could change. Until it does, buying stocks becomes a bounce trade. If yields start to rise again, watch stocks collapse.

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