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The bearish cover is bullish.

I was checking out Blodget’s website and this popped-up. A bit outrageous for the Yanks.

For real: go to this link for all the stats:

Some quotes from the film –

Do you want to lend, or do you want to surf?
Charlie don’t lend.
I love the smell of CDS burning in the morning… It smells like nothing else.


Is the cyclical bull drawing to a close?



I’ll place it under magazine indicator, but, what it may be indicating is anybody’s guess.


The mood is sombre out in blogoland.

The “Time” cover has invariably signalled the “end” of whatever they write about is not that far away. The economy is still in trouble, the market is still a bear, valuations are high, but the credit crisis will ease as Banks are recapitalised and/or nationalised.

Markets today were a touch volatile.

And without any introduction or further ado…

I would actually liked to have seen a much bigger drop, say on the order of 10%+ to really put some fear in the market. But the headlines will look good for posterity.

I’m not really sure when this was published, but it may well qualify as a magazine top indicator.

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