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I’m back for the close, after some poor trading this morning. The market is in an obvious downtrend, but, it might be possible to catch a counter-trend towards the close [about now], so I’m long AAPL.

*Turned into another loss.



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Scalping usually needs a large capital base. However, there are a huge number of providers now of scalping options that have a guaranteed payout of circa 80%

So you can hold a position from 30 seconds to months and have a binary outcome: either a 100% loss, or an 80% gain on a higher/lower bet.

I find that the 5 minute time frame to be best. I now have a winning streak of 8 trades, 1 trade a day, at a 62% return on capital.

Currently I’m only trading very small amounts, but I’ve taken $50 to $200 in the last 8 trading days, which is a 19% compounded return. I spend about 30 minutes a day doing this, obviously your entry is critical. But it’s fun, even with small dollar amounts your adrenaline gets flowing!

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Well, the market is not trading where I want it to trade currently. It may yet reverse and trade towards $206, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.


The market seems to have stabilised for the moment…and could bounce higher from here. $206, although unlikely, would be great.


Well the market bounced, but still a looooooong way from where I want it.


I only managed to get one trade placed. It was in the SPY. Ideally, to get paid, I need the SPY to trade back towards $206.50 So it needs to reverse and bounce back higher tomorrow. We’ll see.


I have two trades to place at the market close in anticipation of the w/e. The first will be in PCLN and the second in the QQQ’s. Until then I have nothing much to do apart from keep an eye on things in preparation for placing the trades.

So, the Ducati 1198. Never actually ridden one. Physically they are quite a bit bigger than the 916/996/998 bikes, but they are supposed to handle like a Ducati, so, should be fine.

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