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Heavy rain…….

Good for filling the water tanks, but not for riding. Looking at the 1198s

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The weather has been fantastic just the last few days…..but I have been tied up with either assignments and assessments for the Bar Exam, or work.

I haven’t been able to get out for a ride since last week sometime. I have just spent 5 hours typing up an assignment due tomorrow morning. Just finished. The sun is still shining, I’m thinking, time for a quick ride before darkness.

The missus has been out twice over the w/e while I was at work dealing with escaped prisoners, fights and all the other shite that the job entails.


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Spent all day yesterday preparing for today’s ‘High Density’ exam. I feel like Hart on the ‘Paper Chase’.

I haven’t been to the gym or ridden a bike in 2 weeks.

Today is the penultimate exam. Then, back to the gym and the bike.

Grants legpress

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This video shows the Tesla driving itself.

Is driving purely functional, A to B, or is it also entertainment? I ride my bikes not to get to A to B, although that can be true, but for the sheer joy of riding a bike as fast as I can to my ability.

I’m assuming that you [currently] can choose which mode to put the car in. However, how long will it be before government mandates only the car can drive. No issues about speeding, drink driving, etc. Of course then all you need is a box on wheels.

Will you pay a premium for your box. Hell no.


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Definitely been biking weather. I’ve had a couple of rides this summer so far, but, I’ve been so busy with court cases and submissions, that I really haven’t had enough time to go on all the rides I’d like to.


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Beautiful colour scheme. I also prefer the 5-spoke wheels as opposed to the 3-spoke wheels.