non-earnings trade

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.55.47 PM

GE has made a bit of a jump higher today. I intend to hold the options to expiry and exercise them. GE is a company that is worth holding for a long period when purchased at these prices.


There are no earnings trades available that make any sense in placing a position. However there is an interesting trade available in PCLN. I’ve placed the trade, just waiting to see if I can get filled at my price. If I do, then I want the stock to stay fairly stable in a range until Friday.

Actually, it makes more sense to wait until the close of market Thursday to place the trade. If I’m not filled, I may cancel the trade. If not, then obviously I’m stuck with it and I’ll manage the trade.


Cancelled the trade. I’ll place the same trade tomorrow. Makes more sense to leave it to the end of the week.

So essentially, I’m doing nothing today at all.

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