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I would love this bike, but at $70,000.00 just a touch too much. This one is for sale in Auckland. It is new for 2018.

The final edition Panigale 1299R.


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This was the big brother to the GSXR 750. I never owned a 750, I rode GPz 900R’s at the time. But I did own 2 of the GSXR 1100’s. The first one [the best one] was stolen from outside the house, parked in front of the lounge window.The second I think I sold/traded in for something else.

Looks a bit dated now and overweight, but in the day, this thing could motor. This bike was the ‘daddy’ no doubts. It was along with the GSXR 750, the start of the current ‘superbike’ craze for street bikes that were [very] close to race bikes.

This bike was the inspiration to the Honda Fireblade.


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Probably the most unpopular ducati ever. Coming after the 998, which started with the 916, the 999 just didn’t have those looks.

It won 3 superbike championships however.

It rides slightly differently to other ducatis. The ducati 748R and 800ss are both slower steering bikes, you need to muscle them into the corner. Once in the corner however, they are very stable and confidence inspiring.

The 999s however is fast steering. It is very flickable. It changes direction very easily and quickly, most un-ducati like. Once in the corner however it possesses that ducati stability. It is very solid.

It hates low speeds. I was poodling through town at 40kph, hideous. I thought it was going to stall. It only gets comfortable once you hit 100kph. At 200kph, lovely and stable, very comfortable.

Once you start to ride it, you forget about the looks, rather, they start to grow on you. By the end of the afternoon, I found the bike very attractive to look at.


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This is one bike that I never get tired looking at. I’ve liked any number, and owned any number of bikes in the past from GPz 900R’s through to GSXR’s, Honda Fireblades, and Yamahas etc. But that Ducati shape is unique and ageless.




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The 996R is still the classic Ducati shape. Just can’t be beat.



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Blew the clutch up on my way to today’s Environmental Law exam.

I was in a fast righthander, 12,000 revs in 3’rd, changed into 4’th, blam! Game over. I had to cripple home, change bikes and get into school for my exam.

This will, no doubt, be expensive. Oh well, sigh.

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The weather is finally improving, unfortunately, exams are now on the horizon. This will just have to wait.


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All sorts of stuff going on in the world, but, we are 7 days from finishing the degree and we still have 3 assignments due prior to starting exams.

It is the usual mad panic – for the [hopefully] last time. Pretty much everything is on hold.


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No. With only 2 weeks left of school before exams start and 1 remaining assignment, I shall be indoors writing my High Density assignment.


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