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Tuesday morning, before the open, VRX reports. Estimates indicate a miss, but, this stock is pretty beaten down and hated currently, so the risk may be more to the upside if there is an earnings surprise.

I’ll be looking at placing some positions this week.

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TSLA as an earnings play, a non-starter. I also had a look at LNKD. Nothing worth trading there either.

This earnings cycle has been really lacklustre so far. The risk is to push trades that are not really available, simply because there is so little else available.


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So AMZN is currently trading well within my straddle of $715/$797. Essentially I do nothing and take profits at the end of the day.

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There seems to be no earnings trade available in NKE. The pricing seems to be a consensus on a +/- 5% and with that small of a move, there is no trade worth the risk.

So I’ll simply pass on this trade.

*After hours earnings reported

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So the market makers were pretty spot on with -3.5%

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NKE has its earnings report next week. This is an earnings report that I have traded before and likely will do so again next week.

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This earnings season is winding down. There are still smaller companies reporting, but for the most part, it’s all over rover.

I will however be preparing now, for the next earnings season. I may take some earnings trades if they present, but mostly it will be preparatory work for the next earnings season.

LULU reports tomorrow before the market opens. This would have been an excellent trade opportunity, but it’s too late to catch the trade now. Next time round.

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There are no earnings trades until Wednesday 25, when DE reports. This is a big Dow Industrial stock, plenty of juice in this one.

I’m going to wait before placing the trade, no point in assuming any risk until much closer the the event.

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Looks like taking the offered profit was definitely the right move. I don’t know what price the stock is trading after hours, but, GMCR is a volatile beast, so it could be quite a jump.

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I have just placed an earnings trade in CRM.

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I placed it fairly conservatively at $84/$69. The stock reports after market close today, so essentially GRCM gave me a free trade.

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I woke this morning to all the trades in profit. Although GMCR doesn’t actually report until after the market closes today, there was already a significant profit on both legs of the trade, so I took profits and thereby avoid the risk associated with waiting for the reported profits.

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That also means that I can look for another trade to place.

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