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Made the trade. Just swapped IBB for an equal position in XBI. In the process closed the IBB April, and opened an XBI May.

This was done for the reason that XBI trades at circa $55 and IBB at circa $260. XBI is also a SPDR product, not that it makes much practical difference.


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IBB is my long-term core position that I trade around. I collect circa 1% return/month on this core position, irrespective of capital fluctuations.

IBB had a bit of a move higher this week. There is a bit of chatter that this might be the end of the down trend and the start of a move higher, but, who knows.

XIB which is another biotech ETF actually has a higher dividend and a lower priced unit. I’m tempted to flippe-floppe into XIB as it suits my trading style better than a high priced stock, so tomorrow I may swap, even though I’ll incur brokerage charges all around.


Swapping these positions one for t’other




I had two big winners off of earnings today:









I’ve been doing some selling this morning: EWP; EGPT; EWI; and EWG. All are up 50% or greater. Time to bank some profit. Even with Drahgi and the European rates going negative [which should work for stocks] it is always prudent to take a little off the table when you have it…just in case you’re still holding if they don’t [that’s the time to buy].



Electric utilities… are seen by many investors as a sturdy and defensive subset of the investment grade universe. Over the next few years, however, we believe that a confluence of declining cost trends in distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation and residential-scale power storage is likely to disrupt the status quo. Based on our analysis, the cost of solar + storage for residential consumers of electricity is already competitive with the price of utility grid power in Hawaii. Of the other major markets, California could follow in 2017, New York and Arizona in 2018, and many other states soon after.

In the 100+ year history of the electric utility industry, there has never before been a truly cost-competitive substitute available for grid power. We believe that solar + storage could reconfigure the organization and regulation of the electric power business over the coming decade. We see near-term risks to credit from regulators and utilities falling behind the solar + storage adoption curve and long-term risks from a comprehensive re-imagining of the role utilities play in providing electric power.

If that is the case…then TAN:


I think I’ll add it to the portfolio. It would be nice to catch it on a pullback. I’ll watch it Monday and maybe open a half or quarter position.

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