Who would have thought yacht races could be anything more than a snooze fest. Well once NZ kicked out to an 8-1 lead, I pretty much thought it was all over. At 8-4 I was hooked, willing a comeback, that still seemed unlikely. But today, boom, Oracle win it all. One of sport’s great comebacks and made for compelling viewing.

Unfortunately the Kiwi commentators simply couldn’t commentate in a non-partisan fashion. While I accept if you are an NZ’er you will support the Kiwi boat, the litany of excuses and bitchy comments became quite offensive.

There has been a massive groan about 40yr old Boeing technology. Really? I mean really? 40yrs old. Which, [apparently] gave all the speed advantages to the Yank’s [well there was 1 Yank on the crew], however, the boat speeds were almost identical…so boat speed…really? Maybe, just maybe, the Aussie skipper and British tactician were, gasp, better?

But the faster boats were much more entertaining to watch.