Well, “Person of Interest” was of no interest to me.

I have therefore gone with Homeland, which again comes recommended.

Haven’t seen any of them yet, has come recommended, so we’ll see.

I just can’t make up my mind on this one. I should like it. I do like it. Yet it is a disappointment. It just somehow falls short of expectations.

Watching the last four episodes tonight. Nor as strong a season as the first two. Still good, but lacking little bit of “something”.

A TV version of “Gladiator.” I’m getting into it, but initially it was a bit too “arty” for me.

Do you think Dexter should die at the end of the series?
No (87%)
Yes (13%)
Total Votes: 76,552

I voted no. I’d like to see him continue to “get away with it,” after all, he’s killing the bad chaps.

Dexter, series 6. Pretty much up to its usual standard. Good entertainment. We’re about half-way through the series.

The story line seems to be getting a little thin.

Finished season 6 last night, we’ll start watching the Final Season probably tonight, although we have friends round for dinner.

One of the themes that constantly recurs through these various series are Benthamite Utilitarian ethics. The greater good. I’m not particularly a utiliatarian, there are some grave inconsistencies and ethical grey areas, but I have a certain level of acceptance for them.

Watched the first few episodes. Jack finally sees the light of government corruption.

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