The OJ Simpson trial.

Obviously as I start law school next year I have an interest in observing how trial lawyers try to manipulate the Judge, Jury, opposing counsel and the evidence itself.

I picked up on the “inference” in law. Inference is mentioned in the text books at various points, but no really clear examples were provided. Inference is the subject of extended submissions preceding the summations. This clarified greatly the boundaries.



At the moment I’m watching series 1. I’ve already seen series 2. Obviously with starting law school in about 3 months I’m quite interested in watching the process.

Funnily enough while I was at Med. school I enjoyed ER which had the actress as nurse Hathaway.

It’s ok.

Well, “Person of Interest” was of no interest to me.

I have therefore gone with Homeland, which again comes recommended.

Haven’t seen any of them yet, has come recommended, so we’ll see.

I just can’t make up my mind on this one. I should like it. I do like it. Yet it is a disappointment. It just somehow falls short of expectations.

Watching the last four episodes tonight. Nor as strong a season as the first two. Still good, but lacking little bit of “something”.

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