swing closed positions

Close trade at $11.23


Exited @ $108.88

Changed my mind this morning, stayed the course, missed the high, but decided to take this exit. The SPY is at a no-man’s land currently. On a technical basis I would expect higher prices tomorrow. However as technicals aren’t really worth too much, I’m taking the easy option and simply watching.

I have a market order in to exit on the Open. I suspect that we may gap open, and then sell-off. On this basis I want an exit, possibly to buy the sell-off [pullback]

Close trade @ $108.96

Sell URE @ $43.07 [loss of -7.6%]

Will wait for better [lower] prices. Not the best entry t’other day!

Close CRUS @ $11.89 +11.6%

CRUS spiked higher, triggering my stop loss, out @ $12.79, a loss of 1.7%

However, I’m reinstating a new Short position @ $13.47.

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