There is also a scarcity of alpha, or good risk-adjusted returns. Hedge funds, the predominant seekers of an investment edge on every given day, have struggled this year to stay even. These firms promise absolute return, but there simply isn’t enough of it available in a low-yield, fitfully growing world to go around for all the funds that promise it to their investors.

This is a metric measured and compiled by m@rketocracy. When you click on my link, you’ll see my calculated alpha on the portfolio.


I have just been scrolling through the m@rketocracy site, having a bit of a nose around. They keep data on everything that every trader/investor does, very interesting. Anyway, I was looking at various trades that I have made recently – just the execution fees run into several thousand dollars. My trading is pretty low. Part of the problem is low liquidity stocks. If you buy an $80K position, you may have to fill that order over 2/3 days, each fill costing you $300/$500 dollars to execute. They really add up.

Another feature, you can look at any stock you hold, and compare what the m100 are doing [if anything] in that stock, buying, selling, holding, broken down by quartiles, so you get to see what to top guys are up to, against the journeymen of the m100.

There must be some, but no women in the m100 that I have come across yet. Certainly none in the Masters category. Obviously women are just rubbish at trading/investing, either that or they can’t be bothered with play money!

m10 members have proven long term track records, and serve as the ambassadors of our top performing members. We have thousands of excellent investors who are beating the market, but only 10 make this list at any given time. These members receive many benefits for their participation in the m10, including free premium memberships, posting privileges on our forums, press opportunities, and cash. Marketocracy pays all m10 members based on the assets under management with our affiliate, Marketocracy Capital Management.

This is the goal. To be selected for the m10. I’d like to find out the assets under management figure. Of course the potential that this opens is huge, especially if you come from outside the Wall St boys club. There are plenty of investors looking to place money, the issue is always one of competence and trust. This removes many of those initial barriers.

Sold out of BIOF. With the ethanol fuel subsidy ended, the premise for holding this stock evaporated. Took a 19% loss.

Replaced it with uranium URA an ETF. Gain a bit of diversification, plus some exposure to energy, in, currently, a hated and despised industry. Energy will, and already is, a massive issue.

There are currently 62 modern and efficient power plants being built all over the world including 27 in China, 5 in India, 11 in Russia, and even 2 in Japan. In fact, uranium is fast approaching a supply-demand deficit and a possible shortage in uranium ore.

There are 443 operating reactors, not including new plants coming online, which need over 180 million pounds of uranium annually. The world produces only 130 million pounds per year. Already there is a shortfall of 50 million pounds which is being filled until 2013 by the Russian Highly Enriched Uranium Agreement. The Russians have made it clear that they will not renew this agreement after 2013, as they will need the fuel for their own needs.

Meanwhile, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission which oversees nuclear power in the US has been conducting special investigations into nuclear reactors. The Chairman of the NRC has expressed confidence in the safety of the American Nuclear Reactors and US utilities are purchasing all available supplies of ore.

Additionally the French Prime Minister recently said, “We think nuclear energy is the solution for the future.”

This is a possible opportunity.

Company name % Net assets
Cameco Corp 20.24%
Uranium One, Inc. 13.73%
Paladin Energy Ltd. 8.99%
Extract Resources Ltd. 6.33%
USEC 5.37%
Kalahari Minerals PLC 4.68%
Uranium Resources, Inc. 4.68%
Denison Mines Corporation 4.34%
Mantra Resources Limited 4.12%
Energy Resources of Australia Limited 3.77%

I think tomorrow I might switch out of TAP, which is a bit staid for this ETF.

LMLP is up about 15% today. I would like to see it back to it’s recent highs around the $6 mark.

Have simply swapped on a dollar for dollar basis JACK for ARRS

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