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Looks like taking the offered profit was definitely the right move. I don’t know what price the stock is trading after hours, but, GMCR is a volatile beast, so it could be quite a jump.


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I have just placed an earnings trade in CRM.

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I placed it fairly conservatively at $84/$69. The stock reports after market close today, so essentially GRCM gave me a free trade.

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I woke this morning to all the trades in profit. Although GMCR doesn’t actually report until after the market closes today, there was already a significant profit on both legs of the trade, so I took profits and thereby avoid the risk associated with waiting for the reported profits.

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That also means that I can look for another trade to place.

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I have also placed a trade in TGT with a spread at $79/$66. This trade reports before the market open tomorrow.

So, if GMCR needs managing, I can manage it before it reports earnings after the market close.


Hopefully wordpress will fix their new post tool sooner rather than later.

Anyway, there is an earnings trade in Green Mountain Coffee, a volatile stock, that I have just placed. I’ve given it plenty of room at $50/$31 to run [25%] either side.

Earnings report after the market close tomorrow. Really I should have placed the trade tomorrow. The pricing looked pretty good, although, it could look better tomorrow.

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HD earnings provided a nice profit. Have closed the trade out. At the moment the blog new post tool is really playing up.

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Home Depot reports earnings before tomorrow’s open. I have placed a position. Wal-Mart also reports, but one position is enough, especially if it goes pear shaped and you have to actively manage the position as happened the other day.

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