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I have also placed a trade in TGT with a spread at $79/$66. This trade reports before the market open tomorrow.

So, if GMCR needs managing, I can manage it before it reports earnings after the market close.


Hopefully wordpress will fix their new post tool sooner rather than later.

Anyway, there is an earnings trade in Green Mountain Coffee, a volatile stock, that I have just placed. I’ve given it plenty of room at $50/$31 to run [25%] either side.

Earnings report after the market close tomorrow. Really I should have placed the trade tomorrow. The pricing looked pretty good, although, it could look better tomorrow.

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HD earnings provided a nice profit. Have closed the trade out. At the moment the blog new post tool is really playing up.

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Home Depot reports earnings before tomorrow’s open. I have placed a position. Wal-Mart also reports, but one position is enough, especially if it goes pear shaped and you have to actively manage the position as happened the other day.

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The trade is a winner. Just closing out the position.

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I’ll spend the morning looking for another trade.


There is an earnings trade available in Macy’s [M]. They report before the market open tomorrow morning.

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I’ve never actually traded Macy’s before so I’m not that sure how volatile the stock actually is. For that reason I’ll probably play this one more defensively.


I’ve now placed the trade.

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Has reported. A 9% move. Well within my trade tolerances. Nice profit.

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I have a new earnings trade for Monday [before market open] and it’s a monster. PCLN. Currently trading at circa $1435.oo/share.

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This creates a few issues in itself. Anyway, the trade is placed.

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I closed the last trade for a $600 profit. All trades in total ended with a $300 loss. But, at its worst, I was at a $1500 loss. So through some frenetic trading I narrowed that loss to the $300.

The mistake was, obviously, underestimating the size of the move to a bad earnings report. I’d allowed for about 10% and at its worst, it was at 25%.

Some important lessons learned.


At the moment…a loser.

Earnings were average, guidance was horrible. Stock tanks 16%+ currently. At the moment I’m letting the open settle and then I’ll have a look at how bad the damage is.


I’m starting to manage the trade now. It’s still ugly, but I’m reducing the damage. What I really need is a bounce in the price. That probably won’t occur [if it ever does] until about 1030am US time, so, right about nowish. If I get a bounce, then things might work out.


The collapse in price is slowing now. At its peak [so far] price collapsed 24%. The market may adjust price back a little higher. ATM I need about $22.60

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Market is bouncing a little here. I’m starting to make back some losses.


Added to my position. This may be reckless trading. It’s definitely a gamble. Market really needs to hold here. Anything above $22 and I’m sound as a pound….below and it’s ugly X2

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I think this is [was] the bottom today.

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