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Which looks to be headed lower over the next few days at least.

This is the first opportunity I have had to look at the market for about 1 week. I have been busy moving house. This is a very tiring and stressful undertaking. Chaos reigns. At the moment mostly everything is still packed in boxes.

As to the market, overall, it would seem to have lost upside momentum and now will have a period of weakness. Having quickly looked at the various commentary around, much is attributed to Trump etc. Also mooted is the high P/E ratio etc, with market near all time nominal highs.

If already long, stay long and ride out the volatility. If not in the market, this could provide an entry point. I would not be short, unless you can manage the position on a daily basis. I think the ‘shorts’ will have some time to make a bit of money, but if the market turns higher, then it will likely move higher with higher volatility.

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