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Probably the most unpopular ducati ever. Coming after the 998, which started with the 916, the 999 just didn’t have those looks.

It won 3 superbike championships however.

It rides slightly differently to other ducatis. The ducati 748R and 800ss are both slower steering bikes, you need to muscle them into the corner. Once in the corner however, they are very stable and confidence inspiring.

The 999s however is fast steering. It is very flickable. It changes direction very easily and quickly, most un-ducati like. Once in the corner however it possesses that ducati stability. It is very solid.

It hates low speeds. I was poodling through town at 40kph, hideous. I thought it was going to stall. It only gets comfortable once you hit 100kph. At 200kph, lovely and stable, very comfortable.

Once you start to ride it, you forget about the looks, rather, they start to grow on you. By the end of the afternoon, I found the bike very attractive to look at.