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We start the ‘Professionals’ on 21 Nov. This week has had a full calendar, catching up on jobs that were put to one side while exams were on. Caught up on most of them, but new ones keep appearing. One of those is an ‘Induction’ test that we [must] pass.

I have 2 Court of Appeal cases to consider. One requires an out of time application, that is an an appeal against conviction and sentence for murder. The second is an appeal against the recent loss in the Employment Court.

Having had time to read and re-read the Employment Court decision, it is clear that the Judge did not apply the principles of contractual interpretation pursuant to NZ authority. By failing to do so, the contract was interpreted in a very arbitrary manner that reflected, it must be said, a seeming prejudice against my client.

Also, in my new Employment Authority case, my client disclosed very late that there are some issues that have now changed the entire theory of the case, making the original strategy untenable. So now, essentially, a total re-think.

Finally, we’re looking [wifey] to buy a house. Hassle. Real estate agents…over them already. We have 2 viewings today, we also looked at 2 on Monday. Auckland is very expensive and very overpriced. I am not terribly hopeful at this point.

Real estate agents…as if.