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We finished the last exam yesterday at about 1500hrs and submitted. That brings to a conclusion, assuming we pass the exams, 4 years of law school and the LLB qualification. Throughout the entire 4 year period I was extremely lucky to find and study with an extremely motivated, diligent and humorous chap, without which, the entire experience would have been far more difficult and I mean really difficult. You can study alone, but for this type of subject, I would never want to try it.

In the 4 years we met and studied with some interesting characters: the Irishman, the Russian, Fat boy, Mr Employment are just a few of the population encountered at law school, Ms Bahrain was a lecturer I could have done without and many others.

I would recommend an LLB to anyone. It allows you to see how the sausages are made. Once you see, you will probably never eat another sausage, and you will never take politicians and lawmakers seriously ever again.

I’ve had a few experiences with Judges now and the application of the law. To date, most of them have been a disappointment. I had much higher expectations. For every great Judge, there are quite a number of plodders, much the same as any profession/trade.

That does not however derogate from studying an LLB. It is empowering. Other degrees provide you with knowledge, possibly a career pathway. The law [degree] confers on you power over your circumstances, even if a legal career is not your cup-of-tea.

In 1 week, we start our ‘professionals’, or Bar Exams. Not much rest, but, actually I am quite looking forward to it.

I’ve got a number of cases to work on this week. I have 2 Court of Appeal cases to initiate and get moving on and another Employment Authority case. So any holiday, will be measured in hours rather than days or weeks.