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Well I watched the US election yesterday/last night almost from the start. As the results unfolded, the commentators, mostly mainstream media, started expressing surprise and then shock.


The writing has been on the wall [pun, pun] for a while. You had occupy Wall St, you had the Tea Party, and most recently you had Brexit. All of these were strong indicators that all was not well and that certain people, mostly poorer people were not happy.

Then you had the candidates themselves. All of them a waste of space. The Democrats as the incumbent party holding the White House for the last 8 years, had done nothing. This was because Obama was blocked wherever possible by recalcitrant Republican Congress/Senate, so Obama who was voted in on a platform of ‘change’ accomplished next to nothing.

Clinton, a truly despised politician was never going to be their best choice, yet, there she was… again. Bernie, her opposition was little better than a half-wit, yet, he ran her pretty close. Wake up and smell the concrete.

The Trumpster. As I have said before…this is pretty much what the Yanks deserve. They have dumbed down their education, their media, their TV, their pretty much everything. When you have a truly stupid electorate, this is what you get. A man elected on ‘Tweets’. Can you believe it. It was enjoyable however to watch Clinton lose after her hubris.

I remember when Reagan was elected. We [I] pretty much had the same reaction then. Some ‘B’ western movie star, who seemed pretty clueless, was now President. Reagan is now viewed from posterity as one of the great US Presidents, which is definitely not a viewpoint that I share.

In much the same way that Reagan succeeded, so can Trump.


Well we sat the High Density exam. This was a tough exam. Not from a ‘knowing the material’, but from having time to actually putting the information into a logical answer, time pressure was immense. Quite a few students left that exam in shock.

One exam remaining, Civil Litigation. You can’t really study for this exam and it’s a ‘take home exam’, so really just a very short time frame, intense assignment.

On that basis, I’m off to the gym this morning as the exam isn’t released until 1600hrs today.