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We are involved in a group project for Civil Litigation. We were assigned to the group. Most of us cannot stand one another. But, for better or worse, we are stuck with each other. To date, lazy bastards.

I’ve just looked at a draft response to a letter of demand that I wrote quickly before going to work yesterday. I made some corrections a bit later. The date on the contract needed to be verified. True, someone verified it, but didn’t bother amending the letter to reflect that date. I could go on.

Luckily, law in real life can be a 1 man band.

On another note, the submissions in court on Wednesday, in an ‘Interpretation of Contract’ case, the senior partner in a law firm, looked at, and made submissions on the wrong clause in the contract.

I was completing a ‘Statement of Defence’ in my second appeal case, another senior partner in a leading law firm made 2 errors. One material, the other also material actually, but both really careless, either that or they were trying to catch me out.