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Get to practice my criminal law today. One of the kids came in with police charges pursuant to s188(1). Carries a maximum 14yrs sentence. He is a little concerned.

I said that I’d go through the legal issues with him today.

On a side note, a new casual started yesterday, he’s also a student at my Uni. studying accountancy. He’s re-sitting papers that he failed last year…one of them being Tax Law, which we completed last year. I’ll no doubt get some revision in looking at his stuff also.

I also went through the first draft of my assignment proof reading it….not bad, only some minor errors that need correcting.

Homework for today is to finish reading a [long] case and really nail down a central issue…who is a ‘creditor’. In this case, ‘franchisees’ are held to be creditors. This just doesn’t resonate with me at all.

The murder appeal is also underway. The psychiatric report looks to be really weak, which is good for us.