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For some reason couldn’t sleep tonight, probably went to bed too early, so that I find myself awake for the market open.

The ‘open’ is can be an easy trade as the volatility of a gap open can be traded. The binary options platform however does not let you trade the open. You can trade the close, which is also volatile.

There was a super easy trade in AAPL this morning, gapped way lower and almost immediately traded higher….easy money that one.

So this morning GOOG is in line with the overall market, so that will be the stock that I’ll likely trade. AAPL is on its own buzz at the moment.

*Just managed to get a trade on in GOOG. [Trade was a loss]

Placed a second…and final trade for today in AAPL. [Trade was another loss]. So that’s it for today, don’t pursue a bad day.

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