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Reading the various media releases on those that don’t like the Donald, you’ll find comparisons to Hitler.

Hitler came to power on the defeat of Germany in WWI and the Great Depression. He vowed to make Germany ‘great again’.

Hitler had scapegoats for Germany’s predicament.

Hitler by all accounts was a charismatic speaker.

The comparison isn’t that wild. Of course what makes it objectionable is what came after, the plunging of Germany into WWII and the atrocities.

Thus comparing Trump to the rise of Hitler is probably not that far fetched, there are similarities.

America is a country divided by extreme wealth on the one hand and extreme poverty on the other, with a big chunk in the middle. Trump [seemingly] appeals to the middle and lower ends of that spectrum.

Partly, or largely, because he is perceived to be free from the paid interests of the rampant corporatism that has governed the US since Roosevelt.

Also, look at his opposition. Who are they? Never heard of them [Cruz & Rubio] before this election. Most have heard of the Donald, even if it was just the reality tv show.

For better or worse, it looks as if the Trumpster is going to go the distance and has a realistic chance of winning.

Can Clinton beat him?

Bill might have, Hillary, I don’t think so.