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Today I spend preparing my witness for trial next week.

First off the rank is to ensure that he knows his own testimony. The number of times I have been in a situation where the pressure is turned up – and they forget their own story [facts of the case] is simply unbelievable.

Second is to try and impress upon them the overall strategy, – where their testimony fits into the overall factual matrix of the case. This is a little more difficult in that they have to understand where the other witnesses are positioned against them.

This is important vis-a-vis the cross examination, where, they can be led off of the carefully prepared pathway into unknown territory where they start addressing issues ad hoc. Not what we want.

Luckily [I think] two of the grounds are technical legal issues, which shouldn’t get us in too much trouble. The third ground however is where we’ll have quite a lot of ‘he said, she said’ testimony and where it could turn to custard quite quickly.