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Opened a gamma-scalping position in AAPL. As earnings have already been and gone, I won’t have this event to aid the position, however, with the general market pretty volatile and likely to stay that way, this trade might work out quite well. We’ll see.

I’ll monitor the trade on a 15 day basis and reset positions based on that chart metric. Obviously brokerage costs are a factor and you don’t [or can’t] reset on a daily basis.

I had a couple of scalping trades in GOOG today that went well. I didn’t bother posting them as: [a] they only lasted 300 seconds and [b] they were very small trades. However they were both winners. The intra-day trades [seem] easier than the swing trades that I tried last week.

The gamma-scalping is a market neutral trade. It would seem, that if you are going to swing trade, you need a market neutral strategy, the swings are difficult to predict.

Market pundits are advancing arguments that we are entering a bear market. Rallies into bear markets are fast, frequent, vicious and doomed to failure. Trying to hold swing positions in that environment is difficult and usually very expensive, as you will be stopped out of many positions on whipsaws.

I was planning on taking a ride tonight, but I have somehow caught a flu-bug. Currently I’m feeling pretty rough.


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