As far as my positions are concerned: FEYE is in such a depression. It’s hard to believe this is the same stock touted by a certain analyst as a “once in a decade opportunity.” The street could not get enough of its shares; now no one wants them. Singular indeed.

I sold half of my WDAY position, for a loss, and have begun allocating into YELP.

I was flat for the day, -22.5% for the year.

I am down 28.3% in FEYE, -10.44% in YELP (after today’s adds) and -16.4% in SPLK. I expect to eliminate the entirety of my WDAY position over the next two weeks. It’s down 18% from my basis.

Ideally, YELP sprints higher, I sell my lower basis shares and swap into SPLK, then with the profits from SPLK, load up on FEYE for the grande finale. If I can pull this off, it will be one of my greatest turn arounds ever.

Well I added some FEYE.