Looking to buy flippe-floppe’s liquidation.

Just in case you’re wondering why I want to sell one of them, quite frankly, you’re retarded. I don’t like being in the position that I am in. My basis on these 4 stocks are all very high and, realistically, if I do not put some real money behind 2 of them, I am going to be holding them for a long, long time.

As humans, we tend to avoid pain and most normal people avoid conflict (with marked exception to the lunatics in my comments section). So I expected FEYE would be tossed into the volcano. Quite frankly, I chose FEYE too, as it is my largest position and is the main source of loss for me, over the past 6 weeks. The size of my FEYE position is almost twice as large as the other three. Selling it will certainly leave a scar, but allow me to raise a lot of cash to be put to work smartly.

So FEYE it is.


I particularly like the technical divergence.