flippe-floppe is having a retched time of it currently.

The majority of my holdings are in 4 stocks: WDAY, FEYE, SPLK and YELP. I bought them because they were growing their revenues (LOL) and were winners, led by fantastic management teams. All of that means absolutely nothing today, as this basket of hell, death and aids netted me losses in excess of 10% (that’s right, 10%…for the day). I am beyond words. This is more than what I signed up for and ponder to myself the very meaning of life.

As a general rule, I sell after 10% losses. This time around, I rode these stocks straight down the toilet bowl and now swim with them in the raw sewage, with the rats and alligators.

Which we know to be untrue. Think MaVIS and any other collection of stocks that declined 50%, 80% etc. The difference this time is that he’s been caught with a concentrated number of stocks and they have all crashed.

An example


I am going to make this short and to the point, since the majority of my recent blogs have been long winded, bloated, crap pieces.

1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2014.

Which one of those doesn’t belong?

Each and every big market pullback was based around a reason, whether it be a stupid reason or a real one like in 2008. But at least there was a reason for the collapse, whether it be LTCM liquidation, Asian Contagion, Dot com bust, 9/11, Credit Crisis, Euro Scare etc.

Is that a true analysis? This market has been fueled on a sea of QE money since early 2009. That money has been reduced, and with Yellen, likely to be reduced further.

In artificial markets you get artificial effects, good and bad. Currently poster stocks [former], are on the end of an exaggerated pullback. As flippe-floppe intimates…it ends when it ends.