Some, quite a lot actually, of jobs are never coming back. Robots, computer technology all are dissipating the employment prospects of the line manufacture worker to the middle management services provider.

This will mean that until the new opportunities become available or apparent to these displaced workers, unemployment will remain uncomfortably high. There will be disruption within corporate profits. This period, while a blip in history, will last potentially a worker’s working life.

Time to retrain. Until the opportunities become clearer, this means into higher [intellectual] services. Businesses I suspect will also in many instances become smaller, at least while the competitive fight for market share predominates.

If the Fed is true to its word, this means low interest rates and higher inflation for quite some time. Investment becomes critical for those hoping to retire at some point. Bonds are a lost cause currently. Commodities and stocks are the two areas to be. Stocks hold the edge. The volatility however will be uncomfortable for many.