For the week, the market has been flat. Yesterday had some volatility and will definitely make some people nervous and want to close out positions particularly if they are sitting on profits.

I very much doubt that QE will be tapered in 2013. I doubt that it will even happen in 2014. If that is true, then you want to remain in stocks. An individual momentum stock that looks interesting is TSLA.


I don’t follow the story particularly, apart from the fact that it has been along with a few other stocks on fire. This is its first major correction. This is a good chance to speculate on the possibility that the story isn’t over.

I’m going to watch this stock and when it seems to settle, open a position. At the moment, it’s still in correction mode.

With regard to the duCati Report, it will be going out this week once this week’s data is released…we are all caught up now.