One of the main reasons I’m a big advocate of the financial planning process is because it removes making a decision based on a single piece of information, like a market correction. Instead, we’re making decisions based on our values, our goals and our resources, the things we can control.

The question of whether we’re due a market correction next week or next month doesn’t matter because we have a plan that accounts for the possibility that it will happen someday. The best part? When we plan, we get to ignore the nonsense that swells up around 600 days because we know better. We also know that the next coin toss isn’t guaranteed to come up tails. That seems like pretty valuable information to me. Now, what will you do with it?

Which tells us nothing about the market and when to buy/sell etc. There are however numerous methodologies that focus on exactly that, which doesn’t preclude financial planning etc.

Rather it takes one aspect and seeks to maximise the returns that you can expect from investing into financial markets…simply because, like JP Morgan you assume that markets fluctuate, you are banking on it.