I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. I have been working on District Court submissions due today, the client had sat on them for 5 months out of the alloted 6 months, and the case was a historical case traversing some 30 years.

Then of course we have exams. Two weeks away. So I have been preparing for those, which ends the first year at law school.

To top it all off, we had the flu, which was a particularly virulent version, and 3 weeks later, we’re still feeling the effects as it is still lingering.

Of course in the interim the politicians have decided to toss all the toys out of the pram. However I maintain my position in that the dips remain gradual accumulation areas. While it may again go to the wire, and probably will, they Congress + Senate will at the n’th hour resolve the debt ceiling, in which case markets trade higher.

The COT data is a victim of the government closedown. Still no new data. Still the last set of data gave the heads-up that not all was well. With market neutral positions I have not been unduly concerned and unless there have been profit opportunities, am simply letting the market sort itself out into the eventual trend.