Well yesterday the pundits were musing a 250K+ jobs report and it comes in 162K, the market however is not unduly fazed as I guess the “taper” won’t necessarily be starting in September.


At 7.4% we are still along way from the 6.0%-6.5% that the Federal Reserve was looking for. Meanwhile inflation creeps inexorably higher.


Ultimately the economy has to grow to offset the debt, the looming pension crisis etc. This is where the growth is posited.

driving gdp

New boss, same as the old boss. Energy has been a huge component of economic growth and capitalization of the S&P500 since the 1900’s, and, if this chart is correct, will continue to be so for quite some time.

The “shale” energy revolution however hasn’t to date included the big boys, Exxon and their ilk. I hold RES as a play in this sector.


I’ve held it a while and it has been very profitable to me in that time. Of course, whether it continues to be remains to be seen.