By The Fly – Mon Jul 1, 2013 12:29pm
I leveraged by 20%, buying up shares of AMBA and SHLD. I am now 120% long, into the polestar of this rally.

Obviously, I do not think the rally is done, because it is a ‘good’ one, in the traditional sense. Small fries like Fly jr and other underlings on this site have been readily dispatched to fag boxes and thrust into the oblivion, amidst empty space, black–nothing.

As I type, the market has traded through some moving averages, but, not through, and then a re-test, and finally higher, which is the pattern that I would look for before ‘leveraging’ the account.

While I agree that on the surface nothing has changed, underneath, to story is different. Before sounding the all clear, I would want some confirmation.

The difficulty is, if you missed the rally, and you have been waiting to get in, this dip is an attractive one to buy, assuming the dip-is-done.


This chart does not look like lower yields. That of course could change. Until it does, buying stocks becomes a bounce trade. If yields start to rise again, watch stocks collapse.