After a long day, we settled at mediation, thus avoiding the Court case. I think for the client it was the best thing to do. In the proceedings, some contrary information leaked out, which, in a court atmosphere of cross-examining witnesses, would have proven difficult.

Their lawyer was on call via phone, which certainly added to the time required as they had to rehash their conversations to the solicitor and to their senior management.

Certainly what is highlighted once again is the disparity that exists currently in NZ between individuals bringing an employment issue against larger employers. The cost, even when done on the cheap, precludes many from pursuing a marginal case. You have to be virtually 100% certain of victory, otherwise the court costs become a prohibitive risk to the average wage earner and you settle out of court, and quite possibly leave money on the table so to speak.

It was for me however good experience. Arguing, preparing briefs, and running through the whole process is only to my advantage.

In the future I will definitely be looking for medical claims rather than employment claims, and use my area of expertise to its advantage.