Well we attended the “Mind the gap” discussion held at the gallery and got into the debate through arguing the point with an Auckland University Professor of Sociology. In fact we argued on several points.

He actually was trying to argue that capitalism is synonymous with “State” intervention. That capitalism was essentially the State. In fact the entire panel bar one lady whose name escapes me, made this argument, conflating capitalism with corporatism, which relies upon State coercion.

When questioned on the legality or otherwise of fractional reserve lending…no answer. Instead, I was treated to an argument that individuals ‘withdraw’ from capitalism constantly…did you know that when you ‘smile at work’ you are withdrawing from capitalism? That was the counter-argument to fractional reserve lending.

Totally beyond them was the concept that capitalism is the derivative of property rights. That government seeks to encroach upon property rights…as if any more stark example of PRISM and the NSA debacle currently unfolding were needed.

Of course interspersed with the theory was the art-speak, which was to be expected, it was after all in an art gallery. It was a good evening, I do love a good argument.