“The Fly” closed the day punching off chest hairs like Bruce Lee, up 13% for the year. Through clever limit orders, I managed to partially divest from my gargantuan VHC position. I had to do it, so shut your cantaloupe heads and go back to playing second fiddle.

As usual, flippe-floppe, through thick & thin, is up for the year.

I’ve made millions this year and with the +13% year to date, I am only 15% from my all time highs. When I hit that number, and trust me I will (you can bet on 10,000 bibles), I am going to shut this stupid site down for an undetermined period of time. You’re all spoiled brats. You want picks from me, Chess, RC and everyone else. Yet what do you give?

Well how about the $45 subs for the PPT & whatever Chess charges for his newsletter.

You offer nothing but drivel and when things go on pause for a few months, all of a sudden, you’re a financial guru–qualified to tell Le Fly how to run money.

Well the blog, viz. yours attracts the intellect that it caters to, which, if you’re not happy with, is only really a reflection of yourself.

Let me tell you something, little trollop: I’ve been doing this, successfully, since the 90′s (started from dirt). Keep listening to complete retards with no skin in the game, no real experience in managing large swaths of money. See where it gets you in the long term. I do more volume in one month than all of these clowns combined, over the course of a year.

My main man.