The Art of Winning While Losing
By The Fly – Tue Feb 5, 2013 9:28am
Gather around children, Uncle Fly is going to show you how a gentleman wins while suffering from beast-like losses.

A short while ago, I purchased NIHD, based upon the concept that the lowest form of sub-human would flock–MIND YOU– to their local Brasilian nextel dealership to buy a phone, now that Apple has been beaten dead. This turned out to be one of my stupidest ideas ever, as the stock wallowed–MIND YOU–down into the oblivion of misery.

I sold the stock out yesterday, booking a very calm and collective 15% loss, cursing the heavens for tricking me into such an unfashionable name, swearing oaths to all of the Gods, both old and new, to never invest in shoddy south american cellular phone enterprises again.

Then this morning I was blessed with this good news. The stock is bid down more than 18% in pre-market trade, leaving Le Fly in a very powerful winning position, following a most horrendous loss

A booked 15% loss, is actually a win. My main man.