Just catching up with flippe-floppe since last I looked which was when he went 106% long.

The new ‘tabbed’ bloggers have all been fired.

According to Google Analytics, none of them are even close to 3%, thereby and effectively leaving them exposed to the very dangers they’ve been trying to avoid since 12/15/12: they shall be fired.

Elections will be held on the day of our lord March 15th, 2013, to elect new interim tabbed bloggers. All those interested shall make themselves known inside of the Blogger Network. If you haven’t been invited to our blogger network, email Vincenzo Illuminati for an invite at

I read them for a little while, but they didn’t catch my interest either, so probably a good decision.

All There is Left is Bitter Agony and Suffering Now
By The Fly – Mon Feb 4, 2013 12:34pm

With the markets crashing this afternoon and the Fed on the sidelines, the investor public is left in tatters, and regrettably, shambles. All of the good will that had been built over the past 4 years has been shattered in one afternoon. After today, I doubt that any person of sound mind, body and soul will ever invest in the US markets again.
As the market devolves into anarchy, I am long with 100% of my assets, doomed because of my avarice for hedonism.

Err, when did he lose the leverage?

Raising Cash Again
By The Fly – Mon Feb 4, 2013 3:06pm
I don’t think we go lower for more than 3 days. However, in the event that I am wrong, I’ve decided to sell now, while I can, in order to raise cash. I cut losses on NIHD and booked a gain in HMC, effectively reducing my equity exposure to 85%

That must have been close to the lows…

The PPT is not oversold yet. However, the Overall Hybrid score dropped by 15% today, putting it in the top 20 drops of all-time. A number of stocks swung to oversold today, measured using both technicals and fundamentals. Fundamentals can flag OS or OB signals only when valuations become so extreme that it weighs heavily on the Hybrid score.

The last from tonight…did I miss the email, when did the OB chart get posted?

I don’t recall any warnings that the market via PPT was registering OB.

My main man.