A typical day of mine consists of 3-4 hours of sleep and lots and lots and lots of reading, watching and listening. For years, I’ve been reading anything and everything that I can get my hands on. I’ve studied the profound and the inane. For over a decade, I’ve isolated the bulk of my reading to the classics, novels, biographies, poetry and essays.

For someone who claims to have read so much, flippe-floppe is surprisingly ignorant in so many areas.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve put the books down in exchange for cinema.


I found, while in conversations with the average pedestrian, cinema is a topic of great universal appeal. Most people don’t have the capacity to read 5,000 pages of art per month, so they chew on popped corn and watch movies. I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies; but I had very little knowledge of the old classics, which is why I embarked on an obsessive mission to see them all, literally.

5000 pages of art per month. While I’m sure it’s possible, there is no way flippe-floppe has ever done this. The evidence lies in his lack of displayed knowledge.

On average, I’ve been watching about 1 movie per night, sometimes more. I do that in the late night, past midnight, when the bats are hanging upside down in your garages.

Odd, I thought bats flew at night, slept in the day.

During the day, I listen to conference calls, bloomberg radio, CNBC and read an inordinate amount of research. Since I am able to read at a pace no less than 800 words per minute, I skim through everything in minutes.

Research. Pah.

I’ve concluded that it is my life’s work, a CHARITABLE FUNCTION OF THE KINDEST ORDER, to read the tea leaves, develop tools inside The PPT,

There it is. The plug for the PPT. Nothing wrong with a plug. Nothing at all, assuming that point in fact you did actually develop the thing…which as far as flippe-floppe is concerned is simply not the case.

flippe-floppe tried to reverse engineer Barry Ritholtz’ and Fusion Analytics alogorithm. Barry caught on and shut down their access.

Try following flippe-floppe’s trades for a while. That is an exercise in frustration.

And yet…my main man is at +7% at last count for the year so far.