flippe-floppe enters the New Year promising to rectify last years errors.

I’m very ritualistic about the new year and make it a point to hit the ground running with winning picks. Truth is, I’ve taken all of my research and put it on the back burner until this fiscal cliff shit is over with. I ended up 11% for 2012, falling flat on my face in December, shedding almost 10% for the month. Had the year ended in November, I’d be a champion today. Instead, I’m a fucktard with an underperforming investment track record.

Shame, the research was the most fun part of flippe-floppe’s blog, the fat man thesis was a classic, and actually worked well had he clung to it. There have been many others…tea anyone?

The gains that I enjoyed from 2006-2010 can no longer be referenced after underperforming the tape for two consecutive years (I was +6% in 2011). I don’t make New Year’s resolutions; I’ll leave that to the fat asses. But 2013 is a do or die year for me, in a variety of ways.

I disagree. The long term record is far more valuable than the short term record. The short term record is subject to luck, both good and bad and is pretty random.

The problem with flippe-floppe is that there is no transparency to his record, claims of this/that are just that, claims. flippe-floppe ought to go to as an example, marketocracy as a third party auditor of all his stock picks and portfolio management. It would provide him with an unassailable public record. As it is, the lack of transparency is a big negative.

First, I need to establish a very strong pimp hand early, in order to shut people up. That means I need to be right and often, preferably in grandiose fashion. After I make my gains, I need to keep them by utilizing a proprietary asset diversification plan that I concocted many years ago. I have no choice but to implement such a plan, since I can no longer trust my animalistic instincts to preserve wealth any longer.

Proprietary diversification…really? I’ll keep half an eye on developments over there, diversification is diversification, hardly rocket science.

flippe-floppe is the butt of many jokes. His so called war on Howard…what happened there? The VXX debacle III or was it IV? Either way there were far too many disasters last year. Time to tighten the belt old chap.

My main man will bounce back this year with some truly marvelous hindsight trades. Watch and weep, hide your daughters, flippe-floppe-flye returns in a tour de force.