I’ve just finished writing this week’s duCati Report and it will be e-mailed later today most likely. I’ll post the results for the year from the duCati System, and this year I’m going to track the weekly system’s results. I’ll use a constant trade size of 10 contracts on a hypothetical $10K starting bank and see where we end up at the end of next year.

In addition, like most bloggers, I’ve been working on my “predictions” for the coming year. It is pretty much complete and I’ll post it up just before the New Year. I tend to be fairly “macro” in my outlook.

I probably will trade this week, in the weekly option series, despite those chappies in Congress who seem intent on proving beyond all doubt their incompetence for their positions.

See you in the New Year, we’re ahead of you chap’s here in NZ, so our New Year is tonight!