flippe-floppe has a post up once again seeking fresh blogger blood. The problem is of course that his readership are some of the most cretinous that America has to offer.

The last time he tried this, sure he got a response, hundreds, possibly even thousands responded. The sum total that lasted or produced anything…zero. Yet, here we go again.

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Major Changes Coming to iBankCoin
By The Fly – Sat Dec 1, 2012 8:15pm – 29 Comments – 2,392 views
I know I’ve said it before and it loses it luster after so many proclamations; but I am in the market to acquire fresh blood, to be part of the “tabbed blogger” apparatus. If you want to write for iBC and be part of the most distinguished financial site the world has ever known, throw your hat in the ring and let it be known. If you are part of the blogger network, do a post. If you want to be invited to the blogger network, email and we will give you an invite. Or, email me directly at
Aside from the prestige, there is a monetary benefit from being part of the club.

NOTE: Readers and outside bloggers alike are welcomed to apply.
UPDATE: New bloggers will be decided by popular decree, a web poll vote for the masses.

Once upon a time flippe-floppe simply had the w/e blogger spot. This actually worked quite well as it was only one post at the w/e and had the novelty effect that persisted. After reading his post, I trawled through the comments, not something I bother with overmuch nowadays, but lo and behold, an imposter!

Ducati says:
December 1, 2012 at 9:02 pm
Fly, I would like to blog for your site.
Jog on,

Cheekie bastard. So I left a reply, that is currently hanging in moderation, where I dare say it will remain:

duc says:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
December 2, 2012 at 12:30 pm
To bad he’s an imposter.

Here’s the thing, you have had these competitions/votes/etc before and none of them have turned up anyone with more than a brain cell or two – why continue to flog a dead horse?

It was actually better when you had the w/e blogger. That actually seemed to work quite well.

I note that you imply to the impersonating chappie that somehow I would find the heat in this kitchen too hot.

If you really think so, then periodically, I would do a w/e stint, just like the old days, and of course you would come under tremendous criticism – think you have the bollocks for it son?

jog on


So we’ll see. Here’s the thing, the PPT nonsense makes him as far as I can tell some pretty serious money. To have any one on the site who seriously criticises the PPT and shrinks the subscriber base simply runs too high a risk for him. My prediction…my comment never sees the light of day.