November 2012

Are bearish.

We had a nice respite, courtesy of the Turkey Gods. But now it’s time to sit back and enjoy watching an illiterate America get pushed over “the fiscal cliff.” Dicks will be removed and accounts destroyed. Satan Claus is coming and there is nothing you or your stupid friends can do about it.

Pagan X-mas shopping is underway, so losses will be muted. But rest assured, as soon as 2013 arrives the market is going to be in catastrophe mode, leaving the lot of you– conversing about the markets on homosexual social networking sites– in a state of catatonic stupidity.

I will be selling this week.

Well no COT results ever eventuated. Therefore there has been no duCati Report this week either. Simply I’ll just add an issue to subscribers.

There does not seem to be any COT report this week. I’ll keep checking, but it may well be due to the Thanksgiving shortened week.

The market closed strong to end the holiday week. Typically seasonality trading sees a fairly good run into January: the so called January effect.

I’ll be posting the last 3/4 weeks of the duCati report now.

I’ll be posting all the missing newsletters at the end of this week. These are essentially the newsletters that detailed the recent drop and to date, bottoming process.

Market seems fairly quiet today leading into a holiday shortened week. After big gains early in the week this is pretty much to be expected. Significantly however the bears have been unable, so far, to send the market lower.

With AAPL I’m looking for $625.oo by the December expiration. As I closed the short-leg on one of the trades, this will actually provide huge profits now, rather than the capped profits of the vertical bull spread. The other trade remains a vertical bull spread.

This trade has a long, long way to run, just putting it up on a fairly quiet day.

The run into January is normally a strongish period for the market. To be short here is probably a tough trade.

I have just placed a new swing trade, that has 6mths lifespan. The trade is in STX. It is market neutral position, with a bull bias.

Sell 1 Jun 13 Call @ $23 @ $5.25
Buy 2 Jun 13 Call @ $29.oo @ $2.34

Max Risk @ $28/$29 = $500/$543

Just noticed this article on caffeine with regard to tri-athletes. Now as a powerlifter and strong-man competitor, caffeine is definitely something we use. There is however a correct way and an incorrect way to use it.

“The general consensus is 3 to 6 milligrams per kilogram of body mass, and it can be quite a bit. The example being, an 80-kilo individual needing 6 milligrams per kilogram body mass — that’s four strong cups of coffee,” says Ganio.

But instead of guzzling coffee, many athletes rely on products, such as energy gels, that allow them to better quantify their caffeine. Brian Vaughan is CEO of GU Energy Labs, which makes gels that blend carbohydrates, amino acids, electrolytes and caffeine.

Which is an example of the wrong way. The purpose, particularly for endurance athletes, is to promote additional energy stored by the body, in the form of fat, to be released to the athlete. This function is controlled by two hormones particularly; glucagon and insulin.

Insulin is the storage hormone. It is triggered through ingestion of protein, fats and carbohydrates. It forces these digested nutrients into the cells. Glucagon by contrast is released from the liver to promote energy release from the cells. This is the hormone that caffeine will stimulate…assuming that the other ingredients do not create an insulin spike and prevent that process.

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