Based upon the laws of mathematics, of the sublime nature, the market is not going to bounce until we hit certain levels. I will reveal to you what is seen on a daily basis inside of the hallowed grounds of The PPT, as a gesture of kindness.

As you can see, the algo marked the top of the range and hasn’t flagged OVERSOLD (OS) yet.

There are levels of OS we are prepared to buy. I am eying the 6 month OVERSOLD range as a possible buy point for the rest of my cash.

As you can see, this level has not failed dip buyers at all, over the past 6 months. After that, I will fall back on the 12 month and 36 month algos, all sublime in nature, touting accuracy stats greater than 76% with a much larger data set.

So essentially if the 6mth is wrong, then you simply try another level and declare victory if it pans out. So you cannot lose, as losses are simply signals that are moved until you win. What a load of bollocks.

If you’re wondering why I haven’t adhered to my own computer brain by going to cash when the algo said we were OB, the answer is simple: gluttony.

Not really. Seen this film before. You never follow the ppt. Probably because it is wrong so often, that it is Jeremy’s algo and that you only promote it to sell it. To sell it, you have to create fictional results as the ppt is as any trading signal, replete with failures.

Punishment for my crime is loss of time. Making back the money is the easy part for me. I do this, quite successfully, for a living. I’ve never been faced with a problem that couldn’t be solved. It’s the puzzle that keeps me interested. However, it’s the loss of time that I lament the most.

Sure, you never lose money. That is because the trades are largely fictional. There are no third party results that can be tracked, verifying the returns claimed. Which rather suggests the entire ppt charade is purely to fleece the unwary.

I also earlier in the week contacted Chess “n” Wine to see if he provided back issues of his weekly report. Unfortunately not. There is no way in which the value of his weekly report can be verified prior to subscription. Shame.

The entire iBankcoin site is based on hearsay. There seems no way to verify any of the results. The general defence is that you have to “join” the ppt to see timestamped trades, which presumably provide the necessary evidence. Well my blog posts are timestamped and I can amend/modify them at anytime I choose. I am hardly filled with confidence through that claim.