There are two ways that you can approach this: [i] have a stock that you believe due to analysis will do abc, and select an appropriate strategy to trade that outlook, or [ii] have a strategy that you have faith in, and find a stock that will fit that strategy.

Both work. Both revolve around timing the two variables and fitting them together. Which one is better? The one that suits your emotional set-up. There are some differences that are worth paying attention to.

The first strategy requires you finding a stock that contains all the variables that you seek with regard to predictable patterns and behavior, that you know well, you are very in-tune with the stock. Simply then as the stock moves through trending, pullbacks, consolidation, etc, you fit the strategy to its particular phase. This will require using Options, as they provide the flexibility to follow this style of trading.

Conversely, you have a limited number of strategies that you know well, and are very comfortable trading. Strategies that allow you to actually trade the strategy to its natural conclusion, you are not tempted to jump out of the trade, or be forced out of the trade by temporary adverse price movement. This then requires a scan, or watch-list large enough to provide enough trades to adequately employ capital.

I know traders who are one or the other, even a few who are ambidextrous. Ultimately all that matters is that a profit is earned.