If Facebook launches at $90 billion, it will command almost half of the market capitalization of Google, but with just one-tenth of the projected income.

“If media estimates are right and the company is valued between $75 and $100 billion, Facebook would be among the 70 largest publicly traded companies,” said Charles Rotblut, editor of the AAII Journal.

Rotblut estimated the company’s net income to stand at $668 million — based on a calculation of Class A and B shareholders rather than the firm’s baseline net income figure of $1 billion — “Facebook will be offered at a price/earnings multiple of 150, a sky-high valuation is for a company whose CEO has limited managerial experience.”

Facebook also has to contend with the headwinds that have hit social-media IPOs. Companies such as LinkedIn Corp. LNKD +0.59% , Groupon Inc. GRPN +0.04% , Pandora PNDZF -0.43% and Zynga Inc. ZNGA +0.22% have looked good on paper, but have struggled since opening day.

It’s a concern. Personally, not interested, I think facebook is for morons anyway, never mind buying the stock.