This post describes the methodology [as far as the signal] and position management on the purely ‘swing’ element of the newsletter methodology.

The signal is a weekly call, not a call that is based purely on price, particularly not the ‘last price’. This way of trading is apt and applicable to ‘daytraders’ but very few to none of everyone else.

Focusing on “Change on Day” is like focusing on the score of any one quarter of a football game(innings in baseball, periods in basketball/hockey/soccer, pick your poison); ridiculous even for a bettor. Yet the default scoring method from quote providers and the media is the distance traveled since 4pm yesterday. I care about price change since a major pivot, over the last 5-10 days, over a rolling quarter. Since yesterday? Not so much. Just like a sporting event, yes, a significant quarter or inning could make the difference in the game but there are better measures that indicate shifts without noting an endless stream of false indications. The default way in which I first receive price data, to me, amplifies the potential for distraction.