The rugby world cup kicks off tomorrow here in NZ. Kiwi’s are very confident that the All-Blacks are going to finally deliver. I sincerely hope not. I can’t stand the All-Blacks. Anyway I think all the teams are in the country now.

Every now and then England get it right. Martin Johnson is the right man to lead England to a victory if anyone can. Australia are looking real dangerous again under Robbie Deans, who is a Kiwi and was overlooked by NZ when they reappointed the coach that lost in France, I can’t even remember the fucker’s name. No matter, if Australia win under Deans, there will be a revolution here. If England or Scotland can’t win it, then Australia is the default team. Realistically I don’t think Scotland has much hope, but we’ll be shouting for them anyway. Kristin, being Norwegian, is a rabid Scotland fan, for historical reasons.