Fascism normally conjures up images of Hitler’s Germany, or Mussolini’s Italy during the 1930’s leading into WWII. The father of Fascism and it’s alter ego, Communism, Hegel, attributed both to the Historical dialectic.

Fascism, rather than consisting of a socio-cultural phenomenon, is, rather at it’s heart an economic phenomena, and is in possession of economic markers that define it.

*No restraint upon government powers: totalitarianism

We have seen a plethora of these erosions of individual property rights in recent years. We have the Patriot Act, TARP, the extension of Federal Reserve powers, take your pick, but I think we can place a tick mark against this one.

*Management of the government by a dictator.

Probably not at the moment.

*The government is organised to manage the capitalist economy under the leadership of an immense bureaucracy.

Tick that box.

*The economy is organised as a Syndicalist model.

Essentially a model by which government controls the economy via control of the producers. The producers are legally mandated to organise into crafts, professions, etc. These require membership, qualifications etc by which to become a member, excluding all others. Indeud, tick this box.

*The economy operates on the planned autarchial principal.

Neo-mercantilism. Self sufficiency. Tariffs, quota’s, hoarding, monopoly privilege grants. Tick this box.

*The government holds itself responsible to provide the nation with adequate purchasing power by public spending and borrowing.

This is the very essence of posts made by TPC, Mosler, et al. The data also strongly supports the ever increasing interference within the economy of the government, simply reference the data provided above.

*Militarism is used as a conscious mechanism of government spending.

Components Funding Change, 2009 to 2010

Operations and maintenance $283.3 billion +4.2%
Military Personnel $154.2 billion +5.0%
Procurement $140.1 billion −1.8%
Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation $79.1 billion +1.3%
Military Construction $23.9 billion +19.0%
Family Housing $3.1 billion −20.2%
Total Spending $685.1 billion +3.0%

Tick this box.


This brings me neatly to a series of posts that I will be examining US Imperialism. This box is definitely a tick. Thus, we can conclude that the US is a Fascist State.